Good results for Space4CC in the Hatathon 4.0 Hack The Culture

Hatathon 4.0: Ukraine Heritage Edition is in response to the challenges of the war and ignites an innovative spirit to preserve Ukrainian culture. We considered our Space4CC solution to be a good match for these challenges and teamed up with the National Observatory of Athens to participate. With around 1300 participants forming more than 100 teams, we were proud that our team came in as number 12.


Hatathon 2023 – Space4CC and National Observatory of Athens teams up

Space4CC and our collaborators at National Observatory of Athens are joining forces again to particpate in the Hatathon 2023. What on Earth is an hatathon? Hatathon is a wordplay, using the word hata which means house in Ukrainian. It is an online creative and technical marathon, where participants work from home. More specifically it is a six-day brainstorm from an idea to its implementation. You learn new tools, come up with and implement a project, find a team of like-minded people, receive expert advice and get your ideas evaluated, and pitch your results in the final. So sort of a [...]


Space4CC won MyEUSpace best idea prize

Space4CC is one of the Best Ideas winners of the MyEUSpace competition. We were represented with a booth and received a prize at the EU Agency for the Space Programme EUSPA's Entrepreneurship days in Prague 27-28 June 2023. As a consequence Space4CC is now one of the so-called rising stars start-ups identified by EUSPA. A team consisting of our collaborators from the National Observatory of Athens and Space4CC team, a first demo of concepts and services was created and shown at our Space4CC booth.


New collaboration: National Observatory of Athens and Space4CC

Space4CC has established a collaboration with the National Observatory of Athens. We are joining our complementary resources benefiting from synergies across projects and networks with a long term horizon. First action already done is to make a mock-up of the Space4CC idea for a holistic decision support tool that includes integrating both space-based, in-situ and citizen-generated information. The National Observatory of Athens highly skilled and created development team is applying their experience with creating their air quality app as a basis for this first mock-up. This mock-up will be presented at the EUSPA – EU Agency for the space programme [...]


Space4CC participated in the Social Hackathon, 12 -14 May 2023.

Always enjoying taking part as team member at hackathons- new challenges are invigorating and powerful! This time I was very happy to participate at #SocialHackathon run by Crowdpolicy over the last weekend. Great team with Bente Lilja Bye Stefania Oikonomou and Elias Poniridis, on an idea of a system combining Earth observations, citizen driven data and air quality data in a conflict zone (#Ukraine). Αn opportunity to expand the Space4CC idea , a result from another successful 2022 hackathon run by EUSPA – EU Agency for the Space Programme We didn’t win a prize but we got to know great people: Thanasis Koukoulis at National Observatory of Athens and their teams (Evangelos Gerasopoulos), our mentor George [...]

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